Football Business Inside
Wiltz, Luxembourg
FOOTBALL BUSINESS INSIDE Conference in Wiltz introduced groundbreaking implementations that transformed the conference experience:
Personalized cards
Attendees were welcomed with personalized cards, providing hands-on experience with easy crypto transactions throughout the event.

Welcome tokens
An exciting incentive awaited as 10 FBIN tokens were airdropped directly to attendees' digital wallets upon activation, offering a glimpse into the future of digital currencies.

Games for engagement
Enthusiasts could engage in friendly competition, earning FBIN tokens by participating in an engaging in-app game, bringing together sports and blockchain in an innovative way.

Crypto payments
The conference further demonstrated the versatility of FBIN tokens by enabling attendees to use them for purchases at the fan shop and cafe, making cryptocurrency a part of everyday life.

NFT ticketing
Embracing the digital era, NFT tickets for the match were seamlessly dropped into attendees' wallets, creating an unforgettable connection between sports and blockchain technology.

The numbers tell a compelling story:
- 78 balls were collected in the in-app game, showcasing the engagement and enthusiasm of the attendees.
- A total of 221 FBIN Coins were spent during the conference, equivalent to €221, underlining the practicality of digital assets.
- The conference left a lasting impact, with 38 proud holders of FBIN Coins, demonstrating the growing interest in cryptocurrency adoption.
- The blockchain recorded 242 finalized transactions, reinforcing the efficiency and transparency of this innovative technology.