Alumni Digital Assets
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The Digital Assets Alumni Meeting held in Frankfurt am Main redefined the alumni event experience with a fusion of blockchain technology. Here's a glimpse into their forward-looking implementations:
Ammer Cards for Alumni and Tutors
Attendees were greeted with Ammer Cards, marking their presence at the event and unlocking a world of digital engagement.

NFT Collections on Polygon
The event celebrated its rich history with not one but two NFT collections dedicated to alumni and tutors. These NFTs were minted on the Polygon network for efficiency and scalability.

Activation Rewards
Upon card activation, attendees received a blend of some matics and random NFTs, adding an element of surprise and delight to their experience. Additionally, three special NFTs were awarded to select individuals, transforming digital collectibles into tangible, real-life memorabilia.

Memorabilia NFTs
To immortalize the event and its participants, a unique collection of Memorabilia NFTs was minted and distributed to all attendees. These digital treasures served as cherished souvenirs from the gathering.