Pilot Project in Peru
The IMPACT MARKET Pilot Project in Peru is pioneering a transformative approach to financial inclusion and empowerment. Over the course of three months, 50 unbanked beneficiaries and two forward-thinking merchants have embraced the Ammer payment system, ushering in a new era of economic accessibility. Here's how they did it:
Virtual and Physical Cards
The unbanked beneficiaries were provided with both virtual and physical Ammer Cards. These cards not only served as a gateway to financial services but also as a symbol of their newfound financial inclusion.

Merchant Empowerment with PoS
To enable seamless transactions, the two participating merchants are equipped with state-of-the-art Point of Sale (PoS) systems. These PoS systems accept cUSD, offering the unbanked beneficiaries a variety of payment options.

Daily cUSD Distribution
Each day, the unbanked beneficiaries receive 1 cUSD directly to their Ammer Wallets.

Economic Empowerment
The 50 unbanked beneficiaries gain access to financial resources and services that were previously out of reach.

Financial Inclusion: The project showcases the potential of blockchain technology and digital currencies to bring about financial inclusion in regions where traditional banking infrastructure is limited.