Trust Square
Zurich, Switzerland
Trust Square, the hub for co-working, innovation events, business services, and digital solutions, is a testament to entrepreneurship and fostering innovation. Here is how we enabled them with Web3 operations.
Ammer Cards
Trust Square has issued 400 physical and 2000 virtual Ammer Cards, bridging the physical and digital realms. These cards not only serve as access keys but also as gateways to the world of blockchain technology.

TSQ Token
Trust Square introduced the TSQ token on the Casper blockchain, and 20 tokens were airdropped to the cards upon activation. This integration allows seamless, secure, and transparent transactions within the Trust Square ecosystem.

Online Card Top-Up
To ensure convenience, visitors can effortlessly top up their Ammer Cards online, making access to Trust Square's services even more accessible.

7,500 tokens were spent, illustrating the rapid adoption and utilization of blockchain technology within the Trust Square ecosystem.