FC CSKA 1948
Professional football club, Sofia
CSKA FC, also known as FC CSKA 1948, a prominent professional football club in Sofia, has not only showcased its prowess on the field but also demonstrated innovation off the pitch as the finalist of the Bulgarian Cup 2023 and a proud qualifier for the UEFA Conference League. Here are the cutting-edge innovations that have set them apart:
Branded Cards and CSKA Token
Fans were offered branded cards that served as both an entry pass and a digital wallet. The CSKA token, native to the club, was integrated into these cards, allowing for seamless transactions and interactions within the club ecosystem.

NFT Collections
In the digital age, CSKA FC didn't just win matches. They conquered the NFT world too. The club introduced exclusive NFT collections, allowing fans to own a piece of their favorite club's history, including rare digital memorabilia.

Play-to-Earn In-App AR Games
Fans were engaged like never before with in-app augmented reality (AR) games. These play-to-earn games not only entertained but also rewarded fans with CSKA tokens, creating an interactive and rewarding fan experience.

Fan Shop Enabled with Web3 Payment System
The club's fan shop embraced the future with a web3 payment system. Fans could use their CSKA tokens to purchase merchandise, memorabilia, and tickets, making digital assets an integral part of supporting the club.