Limited Edition BAXC Card

Ammer Card is a hardware wallet and a crypto-only payment card. Ammer Card supports multiple blockchains, allows to store and manage various cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Exclusive designs from the BAXC DAO NFT collection. BAXC is a community-driven, hyper-elite club based on trust, honesty, and friendship. Owning a BAXC NFT grants you full commercial rights to it (CC0 license) and allows you to participate in exclusive IRL events and perks.

Ammer Card is based on the same secure technology that bank use. Your keys are stored in the card's secure chip which is certified according to Common Criteria EAL6+. During transactions, the keys never leave the chip which is designed to last for years and millions of operations. Ammer Card is as robust as any bank card, and it withstands hacking attempts, water, dirt, and a wide range of temperatures.