The Paytech Summit 2024 in Madrid marked a significant milestone for Ammer as it embarked on a collaborative journey with industry giant Ingenico. During the event, we showcased a proof-of-concept developed in just one month through close collaboration with Ingenico.
The heart of the showcased solution was the seamless integration of a loyalty program into the payment process, utilizing cutting-edge web3 technology. This showcased solution demonstrated the potential to transform the payment experience, offering customers increased value and convenience.

In addition to the loyalty program integration, Ammer introduced to the Paytech 2024 visitors the Ammer Pay application, empowering businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments seamlessly compatible with Ingenico terminals.

Panel Discussion:
Victor Ammer, CEO and Founder of Ammer Group, joined Ingenico executives and startup fellows in a panel discussion titled "Strategic Collaborations in Payments: Leveraging Fintech Startups and Corporate Ventures." The discussion explored the intricate dynamics of communication between large corporations and startups, highlighting the potential and challenges of strategic partnerships. Victor's unique perspective from the startup world added valuable insights, enriching the conversation.

Innovation in Focus:
Victor Ammer showcased Ammer's Web3 Platform as a Service solution in the StartupIN contest, highlighting its ability to address current payment industry challenges. Participating in the contest underscored our unwavering commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional payment solutions.

At our booth, conference visitors had the opportunity to experience both the loyalty program integration and the Ammer Pay app firsthand. As a unique takeaway, visitors received PayTech 2024 branded Ammer Cards, functioning as both hardware wallets and loyalty program membership cards. These cards served as a tangible representation of fusing cutting-edge technology with practical utility, further solidifying Ammer's dedication to delivering solutions that cater to the modern consumer.

The PayTech Summit 2024 marked the beginning of a flourishing partnership with Ingenico. The event provided an invaluable platform to connect with PayTech industry professionals, fostering collaborations and paving the way for the development of real-world use cases. With this momentum, Ammer is well-positioned to continue its journey of shaping the future of payments, driving innovation, and delivering tangible value to businesses and consumers alike